Rubber Hits the Road

RHtR Limited Liability Corporation is a medical, tactical, and technical equipment services and solutions provider.  The company services the needs of the military, federal agencies, state and local law enforcement departments, as well as the private sector.

RHtR LLC’s primary concern and fundamental offer is to provide the equipment, services and training to enable the men and women of the armed forces, federal agencies, law enforcement and public and private sector to achieve uncommon operational success – and more importantly – to return home safely to their families.

The equipment, services and training that RHtR LLC provides are relevant for all operators – whether they are abroad, operating in a large city, patrolling a small town, or tracking in a remote jungle.  The premium equipment and solutions that we provide equip the end users with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve their objective in a safe and efficient manner.

RHtR teams up with the best of the best in the domains of medicine, training, equipment and technology to ensure that end users are equipped with the best available tools and knowledge that will allow them to achieve uncommon operational results.

Our mission is to provide premier solutions, equipment and training to those who keep our country safe, enabling them to achieve operational efficiency, create force multipliers – and most importantly – return home safely to their families.