RHtR Technical

The RHtR LLC technical team specializes in rapidly creating integrated technology solutions to solve even the most complicated and difficult concerns of the military, federal agencies, state and local law enforcement departments, and the private sector.

The members of the RHtR LLC technical team have extensive backgrounds in physics, computer sciences, mathematics, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. They have utilized this deep experience to provide R&D/engineering consulting to a diverse group of organizations, including Microsoft, IBM, innovative technology startups, the U.S. Armed Forces and advanced research organizations such as DARPA.

The RHtR LLC technical team’s diverse experience and the extensive backgrounds of its members makes it especially well suited to provide uncommon solutions for difficult or problem areas. They accurately identify the problem, define an uncommon solution path, and outline a well-grounded and appropriate development and integration path to overcome that problem.

RHtR LLC’s goal is provide efficient, uncommon, and complete technical solutions to enable the men and women of the armed forces, federal agencies, law enforcement and public and private sector to achieve uncommon operational success – and more importantly – to return home safely to their families.

For more information or to request a Statement of Capabilities for RHtR Technical contact info@rhtrllc.com.